Liposuction Procedure


Over the past years Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery has seen a tremendous increase as more and more people rely on medical technology to improve their bodies and their self-confidence. People choose cosmetic surgery because they do not like how they look or how their bodies have changed over the years, because they cannot loose the extra fat on certain areas through diets and exercise, because they need reconstructive surgery due to some genetic defects, accidents or other injuries.

The most frequent or popular plastic surgery procedures are: Breast Augmentation and Breast Implants, Face Lift, Hair Transplant, Liposuction and Tummy Tuck Surgery. We will present some of the best clinics in the world which offer the most advantageous Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery packages. These clinics and hospitals are all fitted with the latest technology equipment and take pride in their experienced surgeons and medical staff.

Ethica Medical Group is located in Istanbul, Turkey and hundreds of patients choose the facility for its high-quality Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery services. The clinic is specialized on aesthetic and plastic surgery, offering various treatments such as aesthetic and plastic surgery, hair implant, oral and dental health, acupuncture and hypnosis therapy, dermatology and skin care, physical treatment and rehabilitation, as well as medical hand and foot care.

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Manipal Hospital in Bangalore, India, is part of the Manipal Education and Medical Group which includes 15 hospitals and three primary clinics, all providing comprehensive medical care. The medics at Manipal Hospital use state-of-the-art equipment to offer the best medical treatment for their patients and the entire medical staff have adopted the patient first approach.

Bahrain Specialist Hospital located in Manama, Bahrain, is considered a center of excellence in the Asian Gulf. The hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission International and it is the only medical facility inaugurated by King Hamad Bin Salman Al Khalifah. The Bahrain Specialist Hospital is dedicated to its patients, offering high standards health care, affordable packages, being focused on safety, innovation and excellence.

Estetik International Health Group, located in Istanbul, was founded by Dr. Bulent CIHANTIMUR and is now one of the best aesthetic centers in the world. It is the only hotel in Turkey which combines the medical treatment with the 5-star hotel service. Dr. Bulent Cihantimur, specialist in Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery, performs all kind of cosmetic surgeries, such as body lift, breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck, and many more.

Chennai Plastic Surgery aims at offering cosmetic surgery support at affordable costs ensuring a patient-friendly atmosphere and high standards of service. One of its best doctors is Dr. Karthik Ram, a national board certified plastic surgeon chosen by hundreds of patients coming from all over the world for his skills in cosmetic surgery.

Cocoona Centre for Aesthetic Transformation, in Dubai, UAE, has managed to gain their patients’ trust and faith with its experienced cosmetic surgeons dedicated to their profession and the patient. The centre takes pride in Dr. Sanjay Parashar, a skillful surgeon who has spent several years around the world watching great Plastic Surgeons at work. The skillful medics combine the most advanced aesthetic technologies to offer the best results to their patients.

RC Health Spain – RC Estetica Medica Integral, located in Madrid, Spain, and provides a complete and comprehensive cosmetic and plastic concept bringing together Cosmetic Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine, Anti-Aging and Nutrition. Dr. Roy Camacho Ramirez has 26 years of experience in cosmetic surgery and together with his team and the latest cutting edge technology has helped thousands of patients feel beautiful and confident again.

Regen Beauty Medical Group, Seoul, South Korea, was brought to life in 2004. The clinic’s goal is to become a “Beauty Plastic Surgery Total Cultural Place”, as its names comes from ‘Regeneration’ which means re-born and recover. Although the clinic is only 9 years old, is attracts many patients with its highly-trained and dedicated medics and modern infrastructure, offering the highest-quality medical services.

Liposuction Procedure

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Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery, usually chosen by women, which helps remove excess fat deposits on various areas of the body. Women turn to surgery when they cannot get rid of the fat deposits through diet or exercise. The areas of the body where the procedure is performed are the hips, arms, abdomen and buttocks. Liposuction includes several techniques such as Tumescent Liposuction, Super Wet Liposuction, Ultrasound assisted liposuction and Power assisted liposuction.

The price for the procedure depends on area/s of the body where it is performed, the amount of fat that has to be removed, country, clinic and surgeon. In the US liposuction to the lower abdomen is around $2,000, the upper abdomen is $3,000, outer thighs might costs $1,600 each and the total price combines all targeted areas.

Bahrain Specialist Hospital offers several affordable packages for liposuction with prices ranging from $2,917 to $5,835, depending on the targeted areas, the amount of fat that has to be removed and the procedure used.

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