Cervical Disc Replacement in Pune, India


You might need Disc Replacement Surgery if:

  • Pain that travels down into your shoulders or into your arms
  • “Pins and needles” or numbness in your arms
  • Neck stiffness
  • Weakness of your shoulders, arms, hands, or legs

What is Cervical Disc Replacement?

Cervical disk replacement surgery is a procedure through which a diseased cervical disk is removed and replaced with an artificial disk. Cervical discs can get damaged due to bad posture, injuries and a sedentary life. If they are not treated at the right moment, the spinal cord or the nerve root could get hurt and the patient may need a surgery.

Disk replacement surgery is aimed at allowing more movement and creating less stress on your remaining vertebrae than traditional cervical disk surgery.

placidway arabic disk replacement procedure placidway-arabic-line

Advantages of Cervical Disk Replacement:

  • Less recovery time
  • Small incision
  • Preserves movements at the operated level reducing chances of adjacent segments degeneration
  • There is no healing period (fusion period)required as the disc starts functioning immediately

Why choose Lokmanya Hospital:

  • State-of-the-art technology for orthopaedic procedures
  • Five Operation theatres
  • Latest monitoring equipment, laminar flows and anti-bacterial walls
  • The team of experts is headed by Dr. Narendra Vaidya, Executive Medical Director & chief orthopaedic surgeon

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