Diabetes Stem Cell Therapy in Europe

Diabetes is a chronic condition caused by abnormal high levels of sugar in the blood. The insulin, produced by the pancreas, has the role of lowering blood glucose. Diabetes appears when the pancreas is unable to produce insulin or the one it produces is not sufficient or effective.

Diabetes symptoms:

– Increased thirst and water consumption
– Weight loss
– Nausea & Vomiting
– Infections of the bladder, skin or vaginal area
– Blurred vision
– Tiredness
– Craving for sweets
– Frequent urination

Diabetes Stem Cell Therapy Europe

Stem Cell Therapy for Diabetes

Stem Cell transplants and treatments have shown positive results in type 2 diabetes, lowering blood sugar level and even achieving the complete reversal of the diabetic process. Successful research has been conducted and in many patients the insulin dosage has been reduced to a minimum and some have even stopped using it forever. Stem Cell therapy uses embryonic or fetal stem cells to find cures and treatments for various diseases such as diabetes, cancer, blood diseases and many more.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy for Diabetes:

– Reduced blood sugar level
– Reduction of the dose of hypoglycemic medications (external insulin or pills)
– Lipid metabolism management
– Blood pressure lowering and management
– Prevention and treatment of complications

Best Clinics Offering Stem Cell Therapy for Diabetes in Europe

Unique Cell Treatment Clinic

Unique Cell Treatment Clinic

Diabetes Stem Cell Therapy in Kiev, Ukraine

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