Top Package for Dental Crowns by Saluss Medical Group in Antalya, Turkey


Top Package for Dental Crowns by Saluss Medical Group in Antalya, Turkey

Now give your teeth its perfect shape, size and look back with the best dental crowns procedure. Saluss Medical Group helps you to find the best and most affordable dental crowns package in Antalya, Turkey. The package includes the best of crown materials along with the expert support of renowned dentists and immaculate hospitality. Take a look at some of the key highlights of the package, which are mentioned below.

Dental Crowns in Antalya, Turkey-What Are the Benefits?

  • Strengthen your damaged teeth
  • No further damage to your teeth
  • Get perfect shape and size
  • Chew food easily
  • Post crown result brings a complete natural smile
  • Best dentists
  • State-of-the-art clinic

What is the Price of Dental Crowns in Antalya, Turkey?

You just have to pay $110 for the procedure at Saluss Medical Group.

What is the Duration of the Procedure?

The procedure takes approximately one hour at Saluss. However, it is requested to the patients to stay in the city for five days for the follow up procedures.

Package Inclusions

  • Medical reports
  • Doctor fees
  • First medications

Package Exclusions

  • All laboratory works before the treatment
  • Cost of flight tickets

Why Choose for Saluss Medical Group for Dental Crowns in Antalya, Turkey?

Saluss Medical Group provides the best dental crowns package combined with the materials along with expert supervision of the best dentists. Saluss makes sure that each patient gets complete support, best treatment plan, and best ambiance for the treatment. This is not all, as one can also get exclusive holiday packages with medical solutions to enjoy their holiday while getting treated.

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