Behrain Medical Tourism

Bahrain, officially known as the Kingdom of Bahrain, is in fact an island located near the Persian Gulf. The island is surrounded by Saudi Arabia to the west, Iran to the north and the peninsula of Qatar to the southeast.

Germany Medical Tourism

Germany, located in the heart of Europe, is an accessible and affordable location for Arabic patients coming from numerous locations in the Middle East. Aiming at high-end yet affordable medical services to international travelers, Germany has long been known for its stance at the forefront of medical technology, techniques and surgical services.

India Medical Tourism

Middle Eastern citizens have discovered the benefits of traveling to India for excellent and timely care. India is home to some of the finest surgeons, doctors, and dentists in the world. India is one of the largest medical providers that offer accessible quality services to Arabic nations, as well as medical travelers from around the world.

Italy Medical Tourism


Italy’s international reputation for modern and highly successful medical treatments and procedures is quickly growing, while at the same time offering medical tourists the chance to visit one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Jordan Medical Tourism

Although Jordan has numerous historic sites and buildings everywhere you look, modern takes in when it comes to the medical system. The country takes pride in its advanced medical system, with international medics and medical staff and state-of-the-art equipment. The government and the private sector have joined hands to offer medical tourists the highest-standard healthcare treatment, at affordable prices.

South Korea Medical Tourism

South Korea
Medical Tourism in South Korea is in a continuous increase, each year attracting more medical tourists coming from all over the world, who come for the exceptional treatments and therapies, modern facilities and clinics fitted with state-of-the-art equipment, and, the last but not the least, for the highly-trained and experienced medics.

Switzerland Medical Tourism

With its spa tradition and mountain resorts Switzerland is seen as a center of wellness and health tourism, offering quality in a pleasant environment. Switzerland is the perfect place to travel for medical reasons and for a holiday at the same time.

Thailand Medical Tourism

Also called the “land of smiles”, Thailand has long been considered to be the most exotic and mysterious area of the globe. Foreigners envision grass huts on sandy beaches, beautiful, lush forests and sights, and flavors of exotic foods, flora and fauna. Indeed, Thailand is an ancient land, but one that has met the challenge to become a leading power in this area of the world.

Turkey Medical Tourism

Turkey is one of the oldest known inhabited locations in what used to be known as Asia Minor. It is the land of Troy and ancient cultures such as the Hittites. Its history is complete with tales of Iconic Greeks and Persian Empire rulers, like Alexander the Great, and Constantinople. It is the home of Istanbul and tales of exotic adventures and history.

UAE Medical Care


The UAE has established itself as a world renowned health care destination, with patients coming from all over the world.

Ukraine Medical Tourism

The Ukraine is not only one of the largest, but also one of the oldest countries in Europe. No one would ever guess that a country marred by political violence for so long could be so beautiful, but it is. The Ukraine has the great Carpathian Mountains (home of such infamous and legendary characters as Romania’s Vlad Dracul (Dracula) and the Hungarian Countess Elizabeth Bathory), the Black Sea, the Central Plains and the Crimean Peninsula.

Lebanon Medical Tourism

Lebanon is sharing its ancient healing expertise to the global market as it seeks to become one of the Middle East’s leading destinations for medical tourism.

Malaysia Medical Tourism

Malaysia is ranked in the top five world destinations for health tourism.The majority of the foreign patients seeking medical treatments in Malaysia are from Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, and West Asia.


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