Lebanon Medical Tourism


Lebanon is one of the most diverse countries in the Middle East. It has an extensive coastline along the Mediterranean Sea, from which it shares a long land border in the east with Syria and to the northeast with Israel.

Known as the Paris of the Orient, it is the land of multiple religious and cultural influences.  It has an avant-garde and ancient appeal that is apparent in its heritage ruins and modern buildings – a mix of temples, palaces, grotto, caves, monasteries,coffee shops, nightclubs, beaches and ski resorts.

There are a lot of things to do in Lebanon!Among which is to tour its heritage sites, bask in its exotic beaches, go skiing, hiking and wine tasting – as it has one of the best wines in the world.

Citizens from Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Japan view Lebanon as a desirable destination for medical tourism because of its favorable visa regulations, its proximity to neighboring Arab countries, and the versatile use of Arabic, French, and English.

Lebnon Medical Tourism

Lebanon is a must visit destination if you want to experience a myriad of cultures, religions, outdoor and relaxation activities. Not only that, Lebanon is an accessible and affordable destination for breakthrough medical care for Arabic patients from various locations in the Middle East!

Lebanon in a Snapshot:

Capital: Beirut

Languages: Arabic (official), Armenian, English and French

Currency: Lebanese Lira (LL) or Lebanese pound (LBP)

Climate: In Lebanon, winters are rainy and cool while summers are humid and hot.


Why Health Tourism in Lebanon?

Lebanon is sharing its ancient healing expertise to the global market as it seeks to become one of the Middle East’s leading destinations for medical tourism.

Lebanon offers a variety of medical resources at competitive and affordable costs along with quality medical services.Although most patients from neighboring Arab countries make up most of the international patients due to its proximity, Lebanon is wooing North Americans, Asians and southern Europeans to visit and explore what it has to offer in medical services. Reports made by Lebanon’s Agency for Investment Development reveals that growth in Lebanon’s medical tourism is up 30% per year since 2009. Moreover, Lebanon’s tourism ministry is working hand in hand with top hotels and the medical sector to create a safe, high-quality, organized, and most of all affordable medical destination.

Major Treatments Offered:

Lebanon combines its Mediterranean climate, exotic appeal of its scenic countryside and its expertise in cosmetic tourism to help tourists seek medical treatments in full privacy and luxurious relaxation. Lebanon’s medical centers and clinics also aims to provide their international patients with high-priority services, ensuring they enjoy a simple, relaxed, hassle-free and cost-effective medical vacation.

Best Clinics and Hospitals in Lebanon

Cosmetic surgery is one of Lebanon’s medical expertise. Most of international patients come to Lebanon for plastic surgery, aside from eye and dental care. Other than cosmetic surgery, medical centers in Lebanon also perform specialized procedures like internal bypass surgery and other complex surgical treatments. Its top cosmetic clinics include Beirut Beauty Clinic and Dr. Ziad D. El Asmar, which are both equipped to handle various plastic surgical procedures.

Regentime, Beirut, Lebanon

Regentime, Beirut, Lebanon

Treatments and procedures

Regentime Procedure for Diabetes | Heart Disease | Liver Disease | Neurological Diseases | Alzheimer’s Disease | Parkinson’s Disease | Arthritis | Joint Diseases | Vision Disorders | Lupus | Stem Cell for Diabetes | Autism | Muscular Dystrophy | Cerebral Palsy | Multiple Sclerosis

Beirut Beauty Clinic, Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut Beauty Clinic, Beirut , Lebanon

Treatments and procedures

Plastic Surgery | Cosmetic Surgery | Plastic Surgeon | Liposuction Treatment | Tummy Tuck Procedure | Breast Lift Surgery | Breast Augmentation Surgery | Cosmetic Face Lift | Anti Aging Treatment | Breast Lift Surgery | Brest Lift Surgery Clinic | Plastic Surgery Hospitals | Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic | Nose Surgery | Skin Care surgery

Dr.Ziad D. El Asmar | Expert Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon, Beirut, Lebanon

Dr.Ziad D. El Asmar Expert Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon, Beirut, Lebanon

Treatments and procedures

Cosmetic Surgery Lebanon | Plastic Surgeon Lebanon | Aesthetic Surgery Lebanon | Reconstructive Surgery | Face Lift Lebanon | Facial Recontruction | Cosmetic Surgey | Lebanon Lip Implants | Breast Augmentation | Liposuction | Corrective Surgery

Visit Lebanon now and experience a diverse culture and affordable healthcare.If you have questions about visiting Middle Eastern countries and Lebanon for medical care, please do not hesitate to contact us!Placid Arabic is another subsidiary of PlacidWay, a renowned, US-based medical tourism provider.


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