Top Spine Surgery Clinics in Asia
You need spine surgery but cannot afford the prices in your home country? You would opt for spinal surgery abroad but don’t know where to look? Asia is one of the most chosen regions for spine surgery and care, being an option for thousands of medical tourists annually. Asia offers numerous spine surgery clinics, with modern equipment and highly experienced and dedicated surgeons. Having the same surgery done by skilled surgeons, with the same modern equipment as in your home country, but at a much lower price sounds good right?

Cheap Disc Replacement in Pune, India
Cervical disk replacement surgery is a procedure through which a diseased cervical disk is removed and replaced with an artificial disk. Cervical discs can get damaged due to bad posture, injuries and a sedentary life. If they are not treated at the right moment, the spinal cord or the nerve root could get hurt and the patient may need a surgery.

Top Spinal Disc Replacement in India
Artificial disc replacement is the procedure through which a damaged sine disc is replaced with an artificial one. By replacing the disc and removing it, as in the case of spinal fusion procedure, the spine keeps its natural mobility, therefore preventing abnormal motion or stress on the other spinal segments.

Spine Surgery in Europe
Many of us don’t realize how much we use our backs, or how important spine care and health is for daily living until we somehow injure our backs in auto accidents, playing sports, or as the result of old lifestyles and living habits. The spine is a vital aspect of movement; without a spine, we would not be able to bend over and touch our toes, turn sideways, or anything – without a spine, we are rendered motionless

Spine Surgery in India
If you’ve struggled with back pain for any length of time, you may be wondering if spine surgery is your only treatment option.

Top Spine Surgery in Thailand

The growth of medical tourism in Thailand has reinforced the country’s healthcare system, allowing better facilities for foreign nationals who come to seek freedom from their medical woes. Some of the most successful surgical procedures in Thailand are those performed to relief terrible back pains.

Spine Surgery in South Korea

One of the most popular choices for back surgery procedures in Korea is Seoul for minimally invasive spine surgery. This emerging trend is due to a combination of low cost procedures, world class medical professionals using cutting edge technology, and a staunch medical infrastructure.