Obesity is the cause for many conditions and diseases which afflict people all over the world. Unfortunately, sometimes losing weight is not easy at all, and people might find traditional methods to be useless. Therefore many of them choose the weight-loss surgeries and treatments as the solution for a long-term weight loss.

 Obesity Treatments

Obesity Treatment

There are several efficient Weight Loss Treatments and Obesity Surgeries:

  • Gastric Bypass Surgery for Obesity
  • Weight-Loss Medications
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy
  • Bariatric Surgery
  • Lap Banding
  • Gastroplasty

These treatments and surgeries are the most efficient for people who are more than 100 pounds overweight and most medics will first advise patients to try other treatments before choosing surgery, including dieting, behavior modification and exercise. Only when these are inefficient the patient is advised to appeal to surgical procedures, which are divided into three categories: restrictive, malabsorption and mixed. Bariatric Surgery, which includes different types of weight loss surgeries and procedures, are efficient, but not without a change in the patient’s lifestyle, eating habit and behavior. Restrictive bariatric weight loss surgeries reduce the stomach size, using different methods and limit the amount of food a person can eat. Here are several common weight loss procedures : Lap Banding or Laparoscopic banding is the procedure through which the surgeon places a silicone band, similar to a rubber band, around the stomach entrance. This is one of the most chosen procedures and patients that underwent LAGB reported a weight loss between 50% and 70% or 50 to 90 pounds after two years. Vertical Banded Gastroplasty or stomach stapling or VBG is the procedure through which the surgeon uses surgical staples to section off small part of the upper part of the stomach, while the other part of the stomach is fitted with a silicone band which will slow the amount of time it takes the food to leave this part of the stomach, which means that the patient will have the feeling of fullness even if he/she eats small amounts of food. Patients have reported a weight loss of about 50% after two years. Gastric Bypass surgery is a procedure through which the stomach is divided so that the surgeon will create a small pouch attached directly to the small intestine. This small pouch can only hold 1 ounce of food, but it might expand over time allowing the person to eat a cup of food at one meal. Considered the most drastic, this procedure also has the highest success rate, as patients have reported losing between 60% and 70% of their weight within a year.


Benefits of Obesity Treatments

Obesity Treatments and Procedures have many advantages, reducing illness and also death caused by the excess weight. Weight loss also improves high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, coronary artery disease and diabetes, and helps other body systems, such as the immune, endocrine and digestive systems. But patients must be aware that these procedures are not enough, and that it is necessary for them to permanently change their lifestyle, eat healthy and exercise. If they follow the medics’ instructions they can lose up to 60% of excess weight and therefore improve their health problems and lives.

Cost for Obesity Treatments

Weight-loss treatments and surgeries are very expensive in the United States, where prices vary between $17,000 and $30,000 for each procedure. But costs can be brought down if patients choose to travel to other countries such as Argentina where a procedure costs $5,700, Belgium $5,300, Brazil $3,100, Colombia $5,600 or Costa Rica $4,500.

How to find an Obesity Surgeon or Specialist

Before choosing a surgeon the patient has to make sure that he/she belongs to a surgical or medical doctor association or organization in his or her country of origin. The surgeon must also belong to a college or association of surgeons specialized in bariatric and gastric procedures. For more information, contact us by using the button below! We are a leading US-based medical tourism resource and provider.


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