Is your heart damaged because of high cholesterol? Do you suffer from blocked arteries due to atherosclerosis? Do you need a heart valve replacement or a pacemaker to improve your quality of life and independence? If you need coronary artery bypass surgery or even a heart transplant, know your options. You will save not only money, but time too, by researching heart care and cardiac surgery procedures abroad.

Heart Transplant Overview

Heart Transplant Treatment

PlacidArabic focuses on providing access to the best cardiac care doctors, surgeons and facilities in the world. PlacidArabic facilitates heart care worldwide through its network of top medical centers.


A Healthy Heart

Heart surgery, also known as cardiac or cardiothoracic surgery, has different types of surgical procedures that correct various conditions and damage caused by disease, heart attack, or strokes. During this type of procedure narrowed arteries are widen, or a pacemaker is inserted to help control abnormal heart rhythms. Heart surgery also helps to insure the adequate supply of blood and oxygen to the heart muscle. These procedures fall under the scope of cardiac surgery. When discussing any type of cardiac surgery or procedure, each individual offers unique circumstances or conditions that may present slightly different complications or the use of specific procedural techniques. The overviews offered within this article for different types of cardiac procedures and surgeries are basic guidelines that will help to describe the common methods used and employed for various types of procedures. Anyone suffering from clogged or blocked arteries, irregular heartbeats or conditions that led to the damage of the heart muscle or blood flow to or from the heart can benefit from various heart procedures, treatments or surgical procedures. Because cardiac health is vital for life, the benefits of surgeries and procedures to help restore optimal function in all aspects of the heart muscle are endless. However, as with any type of surgery, there are risks involved, and cardiac surgery options and procedures need to carefully be evaluated by both patient and physician to determine the optimal prognosis.

Finding a Heart Surgeon

A heart surgeon must meet basic requirements and training for certification in various cardiac fields and techniques, as well as specialties. A cardiac surgery resident may stand anywhere from five to ten years training to become a fully qualified surgeon in cardiac surgery and procedures. Cardiothoracic surgeons typically complete a five- year general surgery residency, followed by two to three years of specialization in cardiothoracic surgeries. Various licensing boards that certify surgeons in cardiac surgery as well as subspecialties differ for each country. When looking for qualified cardiac surgeons in any country, look to national and statewide boards, associations, and memberships in specific cardiovascular specialties.


Top Medical Centers for Cardiac Surgery or Heart Care Abroad

PlacidArabic provides up-to-date information and research on the best facilities abroad for those seeking quality, certified and accredited plastic surgeons and facilities around the globe. Here are just a few:

  • Asia – Bangkok, India, Thailand, South Korea, Singapore
  • Europe – Turkey, Greece, Germany, United Kingdom
  • Middle East – Jordan,
  • Latin America – Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Colombia

It is entirely your choice!

Choose your surgeon and facility based on your budget, your desired location and your specific needs. Through PlacidArabic, you can research the qualifications and experience of heart surgeons and specialists around the world; view feedback and testimonials of those who have gone before you. Take the opportunity to benefit from affordable and accessible procedures, regardless of where you come from.

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