Kidney Transplant Packages

Kidney Transplant
Kidney Transplant is the best treatment for patients suffering from chronic kidney failure in a terminal stage. Organ transplantation can only be performed from a living donor who has a documented relative of 1st to 4th degree to agree with the procedure, for international patients, therefore the donor also needs to travel along with the patient for kidney transplant.

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Liver Transplant in India
The liver transplant surgery is a procedure aiming to eliminate the diseased liver and replace it with a healthy liver. The patient who receives a new, healthy liver is the receiver, while the person who donates it is a donor.

Top Liver Transplant Surgery

Top Liver Transplant Surgery at Manipal Hospital in India, Bangalore
Pick the Top Liver Transplant Surgery Package at Manipal Hospital in Bangalore, India, and get back to the healthy life you always desired.

Top Liver Transplant Surgery

Top Kidney Transplant Hospital in Turkey
In Turkey, you will be surprised to that a kidney transplant can only cost $30,000! A kidney transplant package includes a complete medical examination and a pre-operative evaluation for the 1st donor and the recipient


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