Top Diabetes Treatment via Metabolic Surgery


Type 2 diabetes, often linked to obesity, is one of the most rapidly increasing health crisis in the world. The majority of type 2 diabetics who choose the highly effective metabolic surgery recover amazingly from diabetes only a few days after the procedure, long before losing any weight loss. In this form of diabetes, the body does not produce enough insulin hormones, or the cells in the body do not use insulin properly. Other complications of diabetes involve heart disease, blindness, nerve damage and kidney damage.


How does diabetes treatment via metabolic surgery work?

Medical science does not want to claim a cure over a chronic disease such as diabetes. But its purpose is to put it in remission, more accurately achieving normal blood sugar levels and no need for diabetes medication for the type 2 diabetics.

Metabolic surgery involves a group of procedures that lead to either reduction or bypassing sections of the stomach and small intestine, and are usually used to fight obesity.

Metabolic surgery has been proven to radically improve glycemic control, finally conducting to complete resolution of Type 2 Diabetes in most of the patients who decided to undergo this surgical procedure, as well as lead to reduction of 50%-70% of excess weight.


  • – Diabetes was completely resolved or improved
  • – High blood lipids improved
  • – High blood pressure was resolved or improved
  • – Safe and highly successful procedure
  • – Cost Effectiveness
  • – Health conditions improved or resolved as a result of surgery:
    •  – Back pain
    • – Sleep apnea
    • – Gastroesophageal reflux disease
    • – Depression

Metabolic Diabetes Surgery

Metabolic Diabetes Surgery Clinic from Istanbul is the first and only Center of Excellence who got this accreditation in Turkey. Thanks to a highly professional medical dedicated team and assisted by the most advanced surgical technologies and techniques, hundred patients been treated with success in this highly advanced Turkish clinic specialized in metabolic surgery.

Associate Prof. Doctor Alper Celik that works in this clinic has been also rewarded with “Surgeon of Excellence Accreditation” and he is a member of the International Federation for Surgical Treatment of Obesity and Related Disorders. Therefore, his professionalism is recognized worldwide, patients placing themselves in the most capable hands.

The success rate of Metabolic Diabetes Surgery applications is within the range of 70-98%. On the other hand, the benefit ratio from the operation such as the decrease in the number of medications, relief from insulin or a high decrease of its dosage is 100%.

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