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Do you need a liver transplant? Are you searching for the best and most affordable options? The solution may be the liver transplant package available in India!

Global Hospitals Group is a renowned health provider in India that offers topmost medical services. Featuring the newest medical equipment and supplies, a highly trained and experienced medical team, world-class facilities and outstanding patient care, Global Hospitals Group has become appreciated worldwide.

The liver transplant surgery is a procedure aiming to eliminate the diseased liver and replace it with a healthy liver. The patient who receives a new, healthy liver is the receiver, while the person who donates it is a donor. The liver transplant is always done under general anaesthesia and the recovery time depends on many factors, such as the patient’s condition before the transplantation.

Liver transplant is highly recommended for:

A liver transplant is recommended in situations such as:

  • The patient’s body is unable to eliminate toxic substances.
  • The patient’s immune system can’t fight infections.
  • The patient suffers from certain liver conditions (hepatitis, liver cancer etc.)
  • Other treatments have no effect.

Medical conditions that might make liver transplant an option:

  • Liver cancer.
  • Hepatic cirrhosis.
  • Other liver diseases.
  • Birth defects of the liver or bile ducts.

What is the cost of liver transplant?

At Global Hospitals Group (India) the price of the liver transplant package is $41,700.

Package inclusions:

  • Pre operative Workup for donor & recipient – Includes two days deluxe room admission.
  • Investigations pertaining to Biochemistry, Serology, Cardiology, Imaging, Pulmonology (done only once from investigations list provided at the time of workup).
  • Consultations (only) with Psychiatry, Physician, Ophthalmologist, Transplant Surgeon, Cardiologist, Pulmonologist, Nutritionist, Nephrologist, Urologist/Gynaecologist, ENT, Anaesthetist and Dentist.

Extra expenses (if required):

  • Special Drugs used after transplant – In the event of any infection, special Medications like Zygris, Interferon, Liposomal Amphotericin – B, Zenapax, Immunoglobulins and requirement Of MARS and any special interventions which is not a part of a routine Liver Transplant, after discussion with the patient and his/her family: $8,500
  • Special Drugs used in transplant to manage Hep B – Anti Viral & immunoglobulins are not included in package (Only in case of Hepatitis B related Liver Disease): $13,500- $16,500

Surgical package included:

  • 21 days at hospital including a maximum stay of 14 days in ICU.
  • Donor Hepatectomy & 7 days hospitalization.
  • All regular medicines used for liver transplant patients, inclusive of Tacrolimus.
  • Professional charges.
  • Operation Theatre charges.

Transfusion Medicine Services:

  • Blood and blood products, during and after transplantation.(All blood products are screened for HIV, HbsAg, HCV,VDRL, MP, CMV IgG, EBV VCA IgM, BV EBNA IgM,HTLV-1, Anti HBC, Anti Hbs Ab).
  • Platelet donors and blood donors will have to be mobilized by the patient’s family as per the specifications received from the Blood Bank In-charge.

The Standard Package includes:

The Standard package includes the following in addition to the above:

  • Single AC room with attached washroom, TV, Telephone, with facility for one attendant to stay.
  • Free Airport pick-up and drop.
  • In-house travel related servic es.
  • Unlimited OPD Consultation s in first two months of surgery prior appointment.
  • General Interpreter service at Reception/enquiry.
  • Travel Desk assistance
  • Immigration services, if required.

Package exclusions:

  • If the donor is found to be Hep B antigen Core Reactive for which Immunoglobulin’s would be required, then the cost of the immunoglobulin’s are charged extra.
  • Albumin, Anti Viral Therapy is NOT included.

Additional Exclusions:

  • Charges for inpatient stay in excess of the stipulated nights.
  • Additional charges for these days including room and other charges such as pharmacy will be added to the package price.
  • Charges for complex cases requiring emergency surgery or other conditions requiring equipment and hospital stays in excess to those specified.
  • Visit by any Specialists other than mentioned in the package.
  • Attendee’s food.
  • Out Patient and Expenses incurred before admission, other than included in the package
  • Items of personal nature such as in room soft drinks, telephone charges and guest meals will be charged at the normal rates in effect.
  • Take home medications.
  • Costs of Investigations additionally required, but not included in the package.
  • Treatment of any unrelated illness. Any other additional procedure done will be charged.
  • The Package excludes the Transplant medicines mentioned above in the special medicines list.

Add on services:

The following services will be provided at a nominal extra cost (on specific query and subject to confirmation from respective hospital):

  • Room Upgrades are charged at the difference of room rates.

Benefits of the liver transplant:

  • It’s a life saving surgical procedure.
  • It improves and prologues the receiver’s life.

Special Instructions:

  • The Donor & the Recipient would require staying in India for 2-3 weeks for an interview with an authorization committee that would give the final approval for the transplant.
  • The Donor & the Recipient must carry the affidavits, No Objection Certificate or a Consent letter from their Embassy (Based in India) stating that the Donor is providing the organ voluntarily & that there is no exchange or compensation for the transaction.


  • Pre Hospitalization Stay: The Donor & the Recipient would require staying in India 2-3 weeks. Stay will be organized in a Guest House with in the Hospital premises, the cost of the same will be borne by the patient/ attendant
  • Post Hospitalization Stay: Post Discharge the Donor & the Recipient will have to stay for another 6-8 weeks for necessary follow ups. Stay will be organized n the Guest House with in the Hospital premises. Cost shall be borne by the patient/attendant.

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