Liver Transplant Surgery at Manipal Hospital in Bangalore, India


What is Liver Transplant

  • Treatment choice for hepatitis, cirrhosis and liver cancer
  • Also used for patients with cystic fribosis, hemochromatosis or cholangitis

Benefits of Liver Transplant Surgery

  • Safe and effective procedure
  • Helps patients with liver ilnesses
  • Improves health
  • Reduces medical issues caused liver failure
  • Permanent procedure

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Modern Liver Transplant Package at Manipal Hospital for only 45,000 USD


The Liver Transplant Surgery Package includes:

  • Hospital accommodation
  • Liver Transplant procedure
  • Consultations and other necessary tests
  • Anesthetist
  • Nursing

Why choose Manipal Hospital?

  • Clinical excellence and patient centric care
  • Success rates of international standards
  • Highly experienced pool of doctors with international affiliations
  • Preferred player for international patients (over 4000 international patients being treated every year )
  • Network of hospitals to help the patient choose an option that suits them better
  • 3rd largest Healthcare chain in India
  • Exclusive international patient care department to assist with all the needs of a foreigner
  • Continuous focus on quality and the hospital is certified by ISO, NABH, NABL

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