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Are you in need of a low cost but high quality kidney transplant? Find out if a kidney transplant is the best option for you in Turkey!

Our kidneys function to remove excess waste and fluid from the blood. When we suffer from a kidney failure or end-stage renal disease, these vital kidney function also discontinues.

Kidney transplant or renal transplantation is an organ transplant procedure wherein a donor kidney is transferred into a patient who suffers with chronic kidney or end-stage renal disease. Kidney transplant is usually classified as cadaveric (or deceased-donor) and living-donor transplantation from a family member or depending on the source of the organ donor. Usually, in a transplant, first relatives are preferred. When one cannot be found, then the next option is from a deceased donor.

A kidney transplant is recommended for individuals who have:

  • Stage 5 chronic renal disease
  • Severe renal failure
  • End-stage renal disease

How much is a kidney transplant?

In Turkey, you will be surprised to that a kidney transplant can only cost $30,000! A kidney transplant package includes a complete medical examination and a pre-operative evaluation for the 1st donor and the recipient, (1) dialysis session, donor and recipient surgery, medical supplies and nursing services, surgeon’s fees, post-operative evaluations for donor and recipient, routine medications used for procedure, and a stay in a standard hospital room with companion and meals.

Reasons to Choose Turkish Hospitals for Kidney Transplant


  • Adheres to in international standards of healthcare
  • JCI accredited hospitals
  • 99% success rate of transplants
  • Competitive rates of kidney transplant procedures
  • Highly trained and certified transplant surgeons
  • Has an International Patient Department to assist you!
Kidney Transplant30,000 Kent HospitalTurkey

Top Medical Centers

Acibadem Healthcare Group, Istanbul, Turkey

Treatments & Procedures:

  • Cancer treatment
  • Brain & nervous system
  • Heart care
  • General surgery
  • Chest surgery
  • Orthopedics
  • ENT
  • Eye center
  • Dentistry & Oral surgery
  • Hair transplant
  • Obesity
  • Infertility
  • Urology

Acibadem Healthcare Group, Istanbul, Turkey

Kent International Hospital, Izmir, Turkey

Treatments & Procedures:

  • Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
  • Heart Valve Replacement Surgery
  • Hip Replacement Surgery
  • Knee Replacement Surgery
  • Spinal Fusion

Kent International Hospital Turkey

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